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An Adventure by Miami Swacket


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Please be advised, the following program may not be suitable for minors or the easily perturbed due to displays of, KZZZZT Blood and Gore, Vulgar Language and Behavior, Sexually Explicit Scenes, and potentially inflammatory responses from outside forces!
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A Story by UbermenschBodhisattva

John Egbert and his friends destroyed the world, met some aliens, became Gods, made friends with youthful versions of their guardians, escaped from an angry demi-urge, and created a universe.

But that is another life, on another Spoke of the Wheel. Here and now they find themselves on another Spoke altogether, ready for a new adventure, and with no memories of another life lived somewhere else, somewhen else, someone else.

Their personalities have been preserved; many of the same formative events have happened to them, although the exact details have been distorted like light bending through water. Orphaned from context, one can't help but imagine that they might end up feeling a little homesick. Perhaps even eponymously so...

A Story by bakedpotatocat

When Vriska Serket falls to Earth C and kills Gamzee Makara-Crocker, she kicks off a chain of events that could end Jane Crocker's genocidal reign once and for all.

A canon continuation fic centered on Karkat Vantas' personal war and the pain and penance a lifetime of fighting has brought.

Picks up immediately following the Christmas Eve Homestuck^2 upd8.

image by @artiestroke
Plush Folly
A Story by Funk McLovin.

Rose Lalonde is changing. She is surpassing the limits of her aspect and transforming into her Ultimate Self, which should be good news for her friends and family. Unfortunately, it is giving the poor girl a bad case of... Incorporeality.

Kanaya and Dirk will have to work fast to figure out a more permanent solution to house Rose's ever-expanding soul.

Chapters 1-3 available on Youtube, and chapters 1-4 available on Ao3